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What is the point of your comment?

In high school I dated a few guys - most of whom were losers - in an attempt to bolster my low self esteem. It didn't work. I shed them (or they shed me, as the case may be) in short order each and every time. Most of them I lost touch with, and am very happy with that fact. A few have found me on Facebook. I usually accept their friend request out of politeness. If they annoy me, I drop them.  No harm, no foul, right?

Except that one of them keeps coming back when I delete him. I think that he has reached blocking status this time, though. He started preaching at me. At first I deleted it and just sent him a polite message stating that I don't share his beliefs, and that was why I deleted his response. That message was met with a diatribe about how he won't give upon or apologize for his beliefs for anyone, and that he would love to sit down with me and try to find out exactly where my life went so wrong. Um, excuse me? And yet, I remained calm. My response was simply, "I wasn't asking for an apology. I was simply informing you as to why the post was deleted, nothing more."

So I wonder, why is it that someone I haven't seen since December 1994 suddenly feels that they have the right to judge where my life is, to make assumptions about me with no basis? He knows nothing about me beyond what is in my Facebook profile. We have had no conversations. And yet he felt the right to preach at me in emails about where I should be in my life.

Maybe I'm just oversensitive right now, but it irks me. It's one thing for someone I'm close to, someone who knows me and what my life has been, to share their beliefs with me - while I may not agree with them, I won't deny them. However, for a near stranger to try to fore their beliefs down my throat is just more than I can take.